A Missed Opportunity

Sunflower Metal Mosaic Mirror

I meant to blog in December, something holiday themed. Then January arrived and I thought a blog about new beginnings would be good. Time flew by and it was St. Valentine’s Day – perhaps a blog featuring my Love Struck Hearts would work. Then March was here with all it’s Irish over tones, but alas, .. read more

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Beautiful Inside

In my blog post “Gone To the Dogs”, I wrote that I was painting portraits of 3 dogs belonging to my good friend Pat Noonan.  The first was Elliot, a very handsome dude indeed.  The second, is a portrait of her tiny Chihuahua-mix, named Pearl.   Pat rescued Pearl from the pound a few years ago.  .. read more

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Bits and Pieces

          Bits and pieces and snippets, oh my!   Lots of tiny pieces of aluminum cans are scattered about my studio workspace when I’m creating Recycled Metal Mosaics.   I use the term ‘studio’ lightly, as my creative space is a small room off my garage.   But, it has everything .. read more

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Gone to the Dogs

Bulldog, Boston Terrier…what’s next?  I never guessed I’d be painting pet portraits.  But here I am, painting dogs and enjoying every minute of it.  I showed my painting of the bulldog, I call him Angus, to my fab hairstylist, Pat Noonan.  She immediately asked me to paint her 3 fur balls – Elliot, Pearl and .. read more

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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish?

OK, I admit to being a huge fan of Dr. Seuss.  Can we ever grow too old for his books? I went fishing, (pun intended) for new metal mosaic ideas and came up with these whimsical designs.  I think the reflective, colorful nature of the recycled aluminum lends itself perfectly to mimic fish scales.  Each .. read more

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Sedona Rocks!

Have you been to Sedona, Arizona?  If not, add it to your ‘bucket list’.  The spectacular red rock cliffs surrounding the city are simply breathtaking.  I’ve been there many times.  But I am still awed by the majesty of those soaring red cliffs. After a long hike through Oak Creek Canyon, my husband Chuck and .. read more

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Unexpected Inspiration

Inspiration comes unexpectedly sometimes. One Saturday afternoon in April, I was spending time with my ailing father in his residential care home. While he ate lunch, I thumbed through a magazine, showing him pictures to trigger his memory and give us something new to talk about. I came across an advertisement for dog food ( .. read more

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