About Jill

I was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Georgia, Colorado and Illinois, and then finally settled in Arizona some 30 years ago. As a teenager, I had the exciting opportunity to spend a summer in Peru where I explored the fantastic ruins of Machu Picchu and lived with a family in the capitol city of Lima. I’ve also traveled in Japan and Mexico as well as most of the United States.

Since childhood, I’ve enjoyed drawing, painting and crafts of all sorts. While I majored in Fine Arts at Illinois State University, it was after moving to Arizona that I changed my focus to Graphic Arts. Acquiring a job in advertising allowed me to ‘play’ with design ideas – balancing the word message with eye-catching colors.

Along the creative road, I left the deadline-driven corporate world to begin my own business painting murals, creating trompe l’oeil and decorative furniture finishes.

Ten years later, I’ve taken yet another turn on that road, this time recycling aluminum cans and found objects into contemporary works of art. I feel like I’m playing with design once more – balancing color with graphic images and yet, there is a new found significance in re-using society’s discards to create beautiful things.

I live, work and play in beautiful Mesa, Arizona.