Recycled Metal Mosaic

What is Recycled Metal Mosaic?

Recycled Metal Mosaic is an amazing, one-of-a-kind, mosaic wall art made from colorful pieces of recycled aluminum cans. It's incredibly fresh & unique and will make a "wow!" statement wherever it's displayed.

Love Struck Hearts

BULLSEYE! A colorful metal mosaic heart pierced by Cupid's arrow. The word LOVE is spelled out with letters cut from soda & beer cans. How cool is that? Available in purple, red, yellow, and green.

Square Mirrors

Here's a stunning example from my collection of 11 inch square mirrors. Sure to brighten up any wall!

Something Fishy

Something is definitely fishy here...colorful, whimsical fish that is. I've created a collection of various colored fish on 11" x 3.5" pine boards. They're currently for sale in fine galleries and retail gift shops on the East Coast and Mid-West.

Peace to you

Have you noticed the resurgence of peace signs?. It's surely one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. There's even a product called Peace Tea that comes in fabulously artsy cans. I've sold out of the peace design at every art show I did the past 2 years.

Red Hot Mirror

Here's another example of the square mirror designs I create. Lots and lots of rectangular pieces of red, orange and yellow recycled aluminum cans. This one is a favorite of mine.

Koi Fish Mirror

I love the color variety of Koi fish; orange & yellow or white with patches of black or red, they're gorgeous. The color variation in blue cans makes an incredible blue water background. Don't you think? I've used the round beveled mirror as the largest of the bubbles this koi is making. I've created several pieces of Recycled Metal Mosaic using the koi fish design. It's popular among my customers and a personal favorite.

Yellow Bird Mirror

I had fun creating this sweet yellow bird mirror. He sits in a tree with a round beveled mirror sun, shining in the background. Tweet-tweet.